Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Organize network wire connections at home

Don't you find it too messy your wire connections to your home computer especially that you have a network that also shares the internet connection with other computers for the kids?

Sometimes one may need to reorganize the arrangement of things in a room that moving the home personal computers and the network connections may be a daunting task because wires tend to get in the way ?

I have a laptop at work which I bring to the house sometimes when a deadline is near. Boredom sometimes creeps in on me that I rearrange or revamp the room layout. It is a great pain to reattach the wire connections of the local area network.

A friend suggested that I ungrade my system to a wireless network since it doesn't cost that much now to have one. Prices have come down to acceptable levels. There is no interference with the satellite tv or the cordless phone system at home.

I only need to purchase a wireless router and wireless card connectors or adaptors. If I want more security I may need to read on the manual to secure the wireless network. Everything will be easy according to the technician at the computer shop.

I was able to transfer my wired local network to a wireless local area network with ease by just following the steps and I made sure the components were of the same manufacturer as recommended by mu local ISP provider.

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