Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Satellite TV is now portable and cheaper

I am a camper and my dad used to bring the entire family on long road trips to memorable tourists destinations across the country. My sisters and i always say that we will be missing a lot of nice tv shows. Dad was generous enough to subscribe to a satellite tv subscription so that even if we were on a road trip, we can still watch tv on the truck or mobile home as long as we keep our school grades at his acceptable level...

Satellite TV has come a long way from the exclusive domain of the ultra rich people. Recent advancements make the necessary set-ups easy, compact and light. There are many programs to choose from. The best part is being able to program the device to record up to four shows at designated times and channels of your own choosing ... that means you can avoid commercials more and enjoy more activities because you can always watch your favorite shows at your own time and convenience. Come to think of it, mom and dad are always tuning to news and business channels on their own sets.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ringtones that really lift your spirits

From the newest cellphones to the not so cellphones, you can get each style a ringtone that can delight you whenever your loved one calls you. There are so many free ringtones that one can download from the internet. Some are free; others need some subscriptionsor some small fees.

Whatever songs that endears to you can be converted into a ringtone for your fone. It the added advantage of the convergence of technologies serviced by the telephone companies, application vendors and private venture capitalists.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it better to use a wireless network at home ?

I already have a small twsited-pair cable local area network in my house. My kids share desktop for their requirements i.e. school work, online games, news and chat with their friends. My two kids have their own laptops. I am wondering if it is a reasonable expense to set-up a wireless network at home since it enables me, ny kids to use our laptops at just about anywhere in the house, be it be at the proch, sala, kitchen, study room or at each individual rooms. So i research the net and found this article which i would like to share with you.

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satellite tv is affordable and has best value

You're always on the road during weekdays. Your vehicle is almost your second home. You wish there can be more to the radio ... so you purchase a subscription to satellite tv so that you will not miss all the big events even if you are working or on your way to work because with satellite tv equipments, you can program them to record any show in any channel at any time automatically plus the quality is at the most highest. Is it worth it?

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The simple satellite radio set up discussion

Don't yah think it be cool to be able to listen to radio wherever you ride in your country? There so many satellite radio subscriptions to choose from. It is usually an annual subscription package. Whether you are driving a motorcycle, a car, a bus or a truck, the device can easily be fitted because it is a very small gadget.

Different companies may be using different satellites, techniques and communication set-ups. However, all of them follow a very basic communication system which involves these generic components, namely; satellites, ground repeaters and radio receivers.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

examining global positioning devices from garmin nuvi

One of the most tedious, tiring and energy zapping activities of modern day man is the trek going to and coming back from work. The traffic congestion can really increase the levels of stress and to think one is not yet at work. So most enterprising electronic companies have ties up with telephone companies to offer drivers a way to make their travel to work as easy as possible since it is always a horrible experience to drivers in urbanized cities.

I discovered a company named Garmin which is focused on developing and selling to the public devices that makes life easier as a person who drives to and fro to the office. They call them products the Nuvi series ranging from gps devices, slot cards and many more.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is possible to make telephone calls over the internet

For years, most regular people use prepaid cards to make landline calls to talk to friends, relatives and business clients who are located in different states or countries. Others call their local telephone companies to have their operators facilitate a conversation that is an international call.

Since the technology boom brought by the world wide web, countless innovations had been introduced. By taking advantage of the different servers and operating systems , a person can use his personal computer to make a call to any parts of the world at a much cheaper rate compared with the usual process.

To be able to use this application, a caller need to have a personal computer or rent one, the email or internet telephone number of the person being called up. Another requirement is for him to have an internet connection whether it is a dial-up, cable or dsl connection to a local Internet Service Provider. After which, he just need to download the software that will make it easier for him to contact his friend. There are no more fees to pay for any series of calls. This technology is Voice over the Internet Protocol or ( VOIP).

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we've come a long way from smoke signs to today's technology devices

One can't help but be tremendously amazed at the wonders of today's telecommunication advancements. Distance has been bridged tremendously as communication from remote places. An astraunaut can communicate with ground crews with just a few seconds lag. A person from the Canada can talk, chat and view another from Australia or from Africa and all of them are in a tele-conference.

The process of ensuring communication between two parties is called telecommunication. It may be video, audio, online mails, instant messaging and there are many other formats. Telecommunication has become a big business market that billions and billions of dollars are being pumped into buying fiber optic communication equipments, research and development, phone advancements and advertisements in television, radio and other forms of mass communications.

What is the basic process of telecommunication? How complicated is the set-up of simple one? Any electrical professor can explain and implement a communication system and the different platforms that are needed to ensure reliable, fast and big capacity of such systems.

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