Thursday, July 31, 2008

They say the choice is to go DSL than cable for internet connection

Some internet people use dial-up connections since their local telecommunication companies have yet to provide the infrastructure for cable or DSL internet connections in your local regional areas. I want to focus on the people who have choices like DSL or cable internet connections. Should speed be the utmost factor or price ? Some say reliability of the Internet Service Provider is the utmost importance.

Whether you will be using a cable modem included in the promo package or DSL modem, the basic consideration aside from speed, price and availability would be the reliable customer support from the different telcos.

Here is a good article that delves deeper on the issue.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

computers computers computers - what should i buy?

Everytime i walk into a computer shop to survey a desktop computer or a laptop for use for the kids, i am swamped with new models with different specifications and prices. I get a migraine instantly.

I don't plan to buy the best and most expensive computer because it will strain the family budget. One has to take into account the different needs of the entire family and the different purchases one has to prioritize.

There are so many technical terms like CPU speed, DDRAM, PCI, AGP slot, onboard video and sound cards, lan cards, printer cards, serial, USB, parallel ports. I don't know what i just need. Do I need to purchase items that I may need in the not so distant future? How high is the possibility that the computer I am buying now will be obsolete come next year? Of course, everyone is suspicious with promo guys or pc salesmen whose job is to sell them no matter what.

So I consulted friends, surf the Internet through the different internet cafes and I found some interesting reviews and recommendations. Even a non-techie (technical) person should have a grasp of what they can buy with a budget.

Here is a link to a good article about this topic.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helmets for the Iphone?

Helmets are protective gears designed to safeguard the most important body of most humans --- the brain . Similar to this thinking, I got to think that surely my new Iphone may need one since it looks so shiny, fragile and cost a bundle. What protective items can one buy to protect the Iphone?

Yes, it may diminish the look of the Iphone somewhat, but your are trading off some look points for some safety measure. Imagine yourself dropping accidentally your new Iphone on a hard concrete floor. Here is another article that talks about "skins" for your Iphone.

iPhone skins.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Which one is the best for me ?

A wireless digital control for my video game console is just a great example of the every day dilemma for every avery guy gamer like me. Its because the industry have so many devices for sale. I had this problem of deciding to buy a playstation, an Xbox or the Wii console.

So i surfed the net for some reviews from magazine sites to vendor-sponsored sites. One can really have a migraine from absorbing so much data since all of them want you to buy their hardwares and softwares.

So i created this site to have articles available for ordinary non-technical people to use to decide whether a great technological device is worth the dollars it commands.

From the newest cellphones, satellite radio and tv devices to GPS gadgets, cable modems, wireless networking devices and many more , i intend to provide some articles and if not enough links to them sites that offer them. Not all the newest equipments are usually the best in terms of performance, best value costing and return on investment happiness.